Welcome to Capricorn!

Capricorn is a family enterprise that decided in 2016 to intensify and professionalize its production system of goat's milk, cheese, and dairy products, in order to lead the national market and achieve a notable position on an international level. 

 "Our aim is to achieve the perfect balance between old traditions and modern technology, to offer healthy and fine food manufactured from pure goat milk". Fernando Manzur - CEO

Unique Integrated Process

We have our own fields, where we grow alfalfa, the main feed for goat livestock.

We exclusively use the milk from our milking yard: this ensures maximum quality and constant supply.

The manufacturing plant was designed to process 5000 daily litres of milk which places us as the greatest producer of the area in the country.
We work with our own distribution and sales system. Thus, we can guarantee the efficient access of our products to the market.

Picture gallery

Visit our place through pictures. It is in one of the most beautiful areas in Argentina, the Quebrada de Humahuaca, declared Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site (UNESCO, 2003).