All our products are manufactured from 100% pasteurized goat milk and they are gluten free (no wheat, oats, barley or rye).

Criollo Goat Cheese

Fresh, rindless, semi-soft paste, white colour and smooth texture, milky scent and mild taste with the typical personality that highlights it.

It is the perfect ingredient for pasties, pies, and Mediterranean salads. The Classic Criollo pairs especially well with cayote jam or sugar cane syrup - which are typical desserts of the Argentine Northwest - or with any other jam.

Varieties: Classic and flavoured with oregano, chilli pepper, basil or black pepper.

Packaging: 200 g and 400 g wheels, approximate.

Semi-hard Goat Cheese

Aged cheese, mild cooked butter notes and creamy texture. Maturation provides the light yellow colour of the paste. Thin rind.

It is special to provide a different touch to snacks, sandwiches and pizzas. It is a fashionable replacement for the cow cheese combined with sweet potato or quince jams, the well-known 'vigilante' dessert. Its texture allows it to be machine cut.

Varieties: Classic

Packaging: 200 g pieces, approximate.

Sardo Goat Cheese

Hard paste cheese, intense and consistent flavour, smooth rind. It is perfect for a snack or as an ingredient in a hot dish.

Packaging: 250 g triangles, approximate.

Provolone Goat Cheese

Intense and characteristic flavour, outstanding golden colour and cooking consistency.

Packaging: 200 g round slices, approximate.

Ricotta Goat Cheese

Soft characteristic flavour. Special for pasta, pies or dessert fillings.

Packaging: 500 g packages, approximate.

Goat Milk Jam
(Caramel or Toffee like)

Manufactured from milk and sugar, intense dark caramel colour, soft and characteristic taste. Humid and fresh texture. Creamy and thick.

Apart from individual and family use, this jam is ideal for pastries, as filling and icing for pies, cakes, ice creams, mousses and desserts in general.

Varieties: Classic and with Chocolate
Packaging: 455 g jars.

Benefits of goat milk and its by-products

1- IT IS NATURALLY EASY TO DIGEST: Goat milk is quicker and easier to digest than cow milk due to the smaller size of the casein micelle and fatty cells.

2- IT CAUSES LESS ALLERGIES: Goat milk causes less allergies because it lacks the protein (casein αs 1) that causes most of the allergies associated to cow milk.

3- LARGER CALCIUM INTAKE: Goat milk provides 13% more calcium than cow milk; 2 daily portions cover the basic calcium needs in high sensibility groups (pregnant women, those breast feeding, teenagers and the elderly).

4- MORE ENERGY/LESS FAT: Goat milk contains twice fatty acids in the short and medium chain than cow milk; these provide more energy and less fat tissue growth.

5- CHOLESTEROL CONTROL: The medium chain fatty acids contribute to the diminishment of serum cholesterol, which is associated to cardiovascular illnesses.

6- PREBIOTIC: Goat milk contains more oligosaccharides than cow milk and a similar quantity than human milk. These prebiotics contribute to the health of the digestive tract, generating a beneficial effect in the receiving organism.

7- MORE VITAMINS TO GROW UP: Goat milk is rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2), which is an important growth factor in children.

8- THERAPEUTIC NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Goat milk is more efficient than cow milk to recover immunity due to malnutrition.

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