Unique integrated process

The activity at Capricorn includes all the steps of our production chain. This starts with sowing and gathering the alfalfa crop -main feed for our goats -, it continues with milk production and cheese manufacturing, and ends with the distribution and presentation of the finished product in the market shelves

Alfalfa Sowing

The feed is grown in our own fields, it is sown, grown, gathered and taken to the milking yard.

We are constantly researching for state of the art technologies that allow us to obtain the best quality pastures for our goats.

Milk Production

The milk used to manufacture our products comes exclusively from our milking yard. This ensures the highest quality of raw material and a uniform production throughout the year.
The rodeo includes more than 4500 milking goats of Saanen, Anglo Nubian and Criolla breeds. The projected volume for 2020 is 5000 litres of milk per day.

Cheese Manufacturing

100% Pure Goat milk

All the milk production is transferred daily to the model industrial plant, located quite near the milking yard. Once the raw material is received, a basic control of safety is performed before pasteurization and then we start the manufacturing process.

The excellence of our products is supported by the certification of the manufacturing plant, which follows quality regulations:
✧ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
✧ HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

SENASA has authorized the plant, which enables access to export markets.

Our Own Distribution and Sales System

Our parent company has a successful experience in the distribution and sale of beverages and food in the Northwest of the country. The know-how obtained from years of improving commercialization practices has allowed the design of a commercial model that is unique in the area.

Faithful to this commercial philosophy, we assigned the necessary resources to enter the challenging Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires area markets with our own distribution and sales structure, which allows that our products reach the shelves as efficiently as possible.