About Us

What we do

Capricorn is a family business that decided in 2016 to intensify and professionalize its goat milk production and the manufacturing system for cheese and other milk derivates to take a leading role in the national market and achieve an outstanding international market positioning.

The company is made up of private national assets committed to the social, economic, and environmental development of our province of origin, and is the first milking yard in the region to be working at an industrial level.

Our history and our future

Capricorn is part of the Huacalera area, in Tilcara, Province of Jujuy. 

Huacalera is of natural exceptional beauty, a characteristic that is repeated in all the Quebrada de Humahuaca. As everybody knows, the Ravine was declared Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.

This unique combination of multi-coloured hills, crystal clear mountain waters and green valleys, offer a unique geographical context that turns into a wonderful landscape. All this is associated to the cultural characteristics, as it was declared cultural heritage site due to the preservation of the millenary Omaguaca and Inca cultures, whose inhabitants were native from this region.

The monument dedicated to the Capricorn Tropic, built in the Huacalera town latitude, with a sun clock marking the line of the Tropic through the Jujuy territory in the Southern Hemisphere, adds to its rich archeological history (Pucará de Huacalera) (Pucara=fortified town). 

This cultural legacy is kept alive among the present inhabitants through their religious beliefs, rituals, festivals, art, music, agricultural techniques and food customs.

These people received from the Spaniards the goat breeding custom, which became an important part of their subsistence. This in time derived into the ancestral traditional technique of manufacturing goat cheese, also known as farm cheese or criollo (peasant) cheese.

Our Project tries to add to this cultural legacy new knowledge and state of the art technology, to give goat dairy products the necessary dimension to be attractive and accessible to the public.

We are aware that this vision of the future of the area - necessary to accomplish the challenge of offering all consumers the new food tendencies - implies a deep change in dairy products, both in production and commercialization.

Our Philosophy

At Capricorn, we know of the universal awareness of healthy eating. We believe that our products, which are manufactured following daily processes based on international standards and sustainable practices, fully comply with this new food reality.


To offer new goat dairy products at reasonable prices so that those who value a healthy gratifying meal may use them.


To develop the goat dairy market in our country and achieve local and regional leadership.


✧ Growth
✧ Entrepreneur spirit
✧ Efficiency
✧ Integrity
✧ Reciprocity


Company's Social Responsibility

We are committed to the care of the natural environment we use and to the welfare and development of its community. The following are programmes and initiatives we worked on during 2018:

Environment Management Plan

We had advisors help us develop processes to monitor water and soil, to dispose of effluents, to store products, irrigation water, residue maintenance and management, compost alternatives, and personal use elements. These were all explained to personnel so that they start implementing them in their daily chores.

Inclusive Practices Programme

We signed a collaboration agreement with the Asociación Civil Todos Juntos (Civil Association All Together) - a non-profit organization - that works to support families with one or more members suffering from congenital pathologies related to cognitive disabilities. Through said agreement we incorporate people with this kind of pathologies to the labour environment; this is guided and supervised by professionals working for the Association.

Treatment of cleaning effluents

The effluents from cleaning equipment and industrial plant facilities are treated in the plant using an efficient process of activated mud which reduces the impact on the environment to the minimum.